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Medical and Welfare

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Knee and Hip Replacement
25 Sep 2017
Are you suffering with Knee or Hip problems
XPRO now has arrangements with all of the leading Private Healthcare providers. 

Due to the stress and strains of training and participating in professional football for 5 days a week and for an average of 8 years, former players when leaving the game or who have retired through injury. Will have to live with some form of debilitating condition.

As an example it is unusual to see any ex-professional footballer that does not live with some form of disability. In fact 4 out of 5 former professional football players will have Osteoarthritis by the time they reach their forties.

Similar numbers extend into other sports where most long term conditions centre around the spine and lower limb injury.

As a result the most common enquiries XPRO receives daily are for knee and hip complaints the majority requiring full knee or hip replacement.

It made common sense therefore for XPRO to arrange to use all of the leading Healthcare Companies in the UK in order that former professional sports people can receive the best service and rehabilitation available as soon as possible and within easy reach of their homes. 

XPRO has negotiated arrangements to firstly get members assessed and if need be treated at their nearest Private Healthcare Hospital

Treatment is Free of Charge to the XPRO Member and his immediate family.

Call 08444 120401 for more information or email info@xpro.org

Terry Conroy and Geoff Scott
XPRO Welfare
It is not well known that a lot of former professional sports people who leave their chosen sport suffer from a number of social welfare issues.

This is largely due to the difficulties retired former sports people have in adjusting from a career in professional sport to a normal everyday existence. The modern sports person in particular is quickly propelled into a “Super Star” lifestyle.

Most leave sport not knowing what to expect. Largely underprepared and lacking education and life skills required to make what is a massive adjustment.

Today it is common for XPRO Welfare to be either, visiting someone in prison, sending an individual into rehabilitation for an addictive disorder, arranging for a distressed ex- professional to receive help with depression or a stress related condition and an area that is of real concern people who are facing the loss of their property and becoming homeless.

The numbers appear to be increasing. Life style changes have to be made a prospect that is not easy and in some cases the earnings enjoyed and the ability to replace these are one of the causes of the problems post career.
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